X, The Legend
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[Party: Aurelien the Ralts (Shiny male). Cynebald the Growlithe (male). Snivy [unnamed] (male)]
"…What is a jalopy?"

"An old car, in very poor shape."

"You alright, old man?"

Raichu looked down at the teacup in his hands, as if only just realizing that was where the sound of rattling china was coming from. “Yes.”



"…..I am fine. I am not spilling my tea. I am not, as Foxtar put it, ‘rattling like an old jalopy’.


"What’s the matter?"

Raichu jumped in surprise, having not sensed the other. Tea went flying everywhere and all he could do was stare at it, then at Max. “Nothing.”

"…..I am fine. I am not spilling my tea. I am not, as Foxtar put it, ‘rattling like an old jalopy’.




Quint wrinkled it cutely; he was totally hamming it up at being adorable for Raichu, knowingly.

"Yep! I l-live with h-him. He’s my a-age. Kinda. Our AIs are th-the same age. E-Except he likes to pull pranks and s-stuff."

"Who is he exactly?" He asked, still a bit puzzled.



Max shook his head with an amused smile on his face, before leaning down to scratch the Coatl’s head and neck, taking care not to mess any of the feathers up.

Well, now he knew for sure this was Raichu.

Raichu’s snaky little head pressed itself firmly on top of Max’s hand, demanding attention. He wasn’t getting off Daddy’s feet until he was sure he was staying.

"Good evening everyone."



He was sure that an audio sensor had had to reboot itself after that shrieking, but there was no Raichu in the room and a tiny dragon-like thing with feathers that dropped down on his feet.

"…" It didn’t take a genius to know why that dragon did that, especially considering where he was and Raichu’s tendencies to have Greyfaces visiting.

"Hello Raichu."

Raichu lifted his head, tilting his head as he figured out the muffled sounds and vibrations. Enthusiastic humming ensued. He’d missed Max. He was going to crawl onto Max’s head and not let go so he could never leave him again.



"I’m not that heavy,” Quint pouted, even as he tried to make Raichu’s job easier for him. Raichu could easily lift him, he just was teasing him.

"But… really? I mean, I d-don’t want to leave Kopin, he gets into a l-lot of trouble without me around."

Raichu poked Quint’s nose playfully, then stopped short. “Kopin?”

He tested the name. No, he’d never heard it before.



It was right in front of that soldier that Quint stopped, beamed up at Raichu, and held his arms out as if wanting to be picked up by the X unit. He was fully aware of what he was doing, too.

"M-My only worry is if the p-portals close…"

"Well, if that’s the case—" he bent down to pick Quint up and was again caught off guard by his weight. "My back!"

The guard started in dismay, torn between calling for a medic and trying to help X himself. But Raichu grunted and shifted to lifting with his legs, settling Quint on his hip.

"If that’s the case, and you are not tied down to where you stay now, you could live here instead."