"I believe I’ll retire for the night. I would prefer to not have a repeat of last night’s incident; I want to wake up without my children smugly alluding to blackmail material, so I’ll ensure I make it to my own bed tonight."


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"Is it one of mine?"

Hana blinked. “You have dragons too?”

"Too?" That raised a an eyebrow. "I have made all manner of small support units for my children when they were younger."

"We are likely going on a small hiatus, due to forces beyond our control.




Max poked him back, grinning. “Maybe? That’s a parent’s job, to love and embarrass their kids.”

"Yes, yes, father-dear, I understand," he said flatly, before looping his arm through Max’s. "Now, why don’t we go have a walk through the garden?"

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"I’m starting to think you don’t care anymore." He was too old for this. But Max was gone half the time, and Rai could barely find the time to sleep or eat, and everything was falling down around his shoulders. Max found time for Axl, for others, but not him.

But that was fine. If D—Max was so busy, then he could deal with things by himself. He was not about to cry, but he was just so damn tired, and weak, and stressed that everything negative felt like the end of the world.


'Father'? Since when had 'Dad' been upgraded to 'Father'? Then again, with Raichu acting more formal, it made sense…

He rested his chin against the other’s head, and nodded with a hum. “Take a break. Too much work isn’t good for anyone - androids or otherwise.”

Raichu buried his face in the crook of Max’s neck and muttered in agreement. “How did I survive without you again?”

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"Hmm… Clever, eh…?" He said to himself. Perhaps sometime he’d meet one of them.
"Though…. How clever?"

"Wickedly clever," he elaborated. "As if their generally devious natures didn’t deter people from associating with them already."



"I’m old too," Max reminded him with an amused smile. It was amusing watching the poor thing’s reactions.

Raichu poked him scoldingly. “I think you enjoy watching me squirm.”

Your character has got one free pass to ask my character anything, and they must answer truthfully, and afterwards my character will forget the conversation. How does your character use it?



You ever have that one rp partner



and you two try and try to have nice things but you’re both so full of angsty plots that it’s just impossible and that is why you can’t ever have nice things? Yeah I have one of those too.


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"How long were you gonna keep up this lie?" Xavier knew exactly what Caprice was, and yet he dared to use him? Raichu was disappointed; he’d thought better of Xav, hadn’t wanted to believe he knew about Cappy’s true nature.

It was as bad as humans using the Robot Masters to their advantage, without the RMs having a say in the matter. He pitied his elder brothers.


"I don’t make the rules either, and there isn’t anything I can do about that. But if I have to take the fall to keep Cappy safe from supposedly ‘well-meaning’ people wanting to ‘help’ him, then I will." It did. The whole situation with Cappy and the Armors upset him. He didn’t like having units under the control of another unit, ironically enough given his own situation.

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